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FAQFrequently asked questions

We will answer frequently asked questions from our customers.

About the lodging

At what time is the check-out ?
As a general rule, check-out is until 10:00 (depends on the plan)
Is there a curfew ?
There is no curfew. You can come and go 24 hours a day.
Is it possible to invite people to the room ?
Due to security concerns, we do not allow anyone other than our guests to enter the hotel. Please use the lobby on the 1st floor for your visit.
Is is possible to extend my stay ?
Please contact the front desk. Depending on the availability the next day, we may not be able to prepare your room. Please note. If you wish to extend your stay, it is best to make a reservation from our hotel website.
Can children and babies stay in the room?
Yes.We are delighted to welcome family group.
The room rates for children are as follows.
・13 years old and over: Adult
・Under 12 years old: One children per adult will be free of charge for bed-sharing.

The room rate will be charged as adult regardless of age if the guest required bed.
Amenity / slippers / towels / clothes are not available for bed-sharing children.

Bed sharing is only available in the following situations.
・One children per adult.
・Two children per more than 2adults.
Is it possible to stay only for minors?
In the case of a minor (a person under age 18 or a high school student) staying, we would request to the parent (guardian) to fill out this form and submit the sheet to the hotel.
Click here to download the consent form.
Please send it by mail, fax or email in advance, or submit it at check-in.
Address: 3-26-11, Hatchobori, Chuo Ku, Tokyo, 104-0032
Fax: 03-5542-8089
E-mail address:

About the rooms

Is it possible to use the internet ?
You can connect to the internet from the guest room Wi-fi. (free)
For the SSID and password, please see the information card you received during the check-in.
Is there a baby bed or extra bed ?
We are very sorry bu there is not any baby or extra bed available.
Is there smoking rooms available ?
There is no smoking rooms. If smoking other than electronic cigarettes is noticed, a cleaning compensation fee (10,000 yen x number of nights) will be charged.
I lost my key.
If you lose your card key, we will charge 2,000 yen as a fee for reissuing the card. Please tell the front desk.

About the facilities and services

Can I store my luggage ?
Yes. It is possible free of charge. However, the deadline for deposit is from the check-in date to the check-out date.
However,we cannot hold very large bags, large amounts of baggage, or items that require refrigeration or freezing.
Can I send my luggage ?
Yes, we provide luggage shipment by Yamato company's payment on dlivery service. However, some sizes may not be available.
Is there a room service ?
Unfortunately, a room service is not available at the hotel.
Is it possible to weight my luggage ?
A luggage scale is available at the front desk. Please feel free to contact the front desk.
Is it possible to change foreign currency ?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.

About the transportation

Can I call a taxi ?
Yes. However, depending on the time of day, it may be congested or you may have to wait because you cannot secure an empty taxi, so we recommend that you move with plenty of time.
Is there a parking lot ?
Unfortunately, there is not. Please use the coin parking nearby the hotel.

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