Apartment Life 2days

How to enjoy staying at the MONday Apart Premium

We offer the same lifestyle as usual where is fully equipped for living in Japan.
Let us introduce how to spend time in Japan.

1st day

PM 15:00


Arriving MONday Apart Premium.
Check in with an automatic machine at the reception.
Bring hotel amenities as much as you need and head to your room.

  • Rooms where you can feel
    modern Japanese

Rooms where you can feel
modern Japanese

PM 16:00

Explore neighborhood

Leave your luggages in your room and go out to explore the are.
Let's enjoy sightseeign and shopping.
You may find new world out there.

PM 17:30

Shopping at near grocery store and supermarket

Purchase things what you reserched beforehand at shopping street and supermarket nearby.
Can't wait for the dinner time.

  • How to cook rice

Challenge Cooking !

Cook rice

Speaking of Japanese meal is "RICE".
Rice cooked with rice steamer is essential portion of Japanese main ingredients. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the blessings of nature which are full of Japanese spirit.

How to measure the ammount of rice

Use a dedicated cup or the rice steamer to measure. Please don't forget to make cup's surface even to measure with proper ammount.
1 CUP=180ml (1 go )

  1. 1 - Measure the ammount of rice with cup and put them into a bowl of rice cooker.
  2. 2 - Pour enough water in a bowl with rice, stir to rinse and drain the water. This process should be taken about 3 - 4 times.
    (The water doesn't has to be clear)
  3. 3 - Put 200ml of water for 180ml of rice.Set the bowl to the cooker and push the botton to start. If it beeps, it's the sighn of finishing cooking.


Recommended surrounding area

Nearby supermarkets and shops

Convenience store nearby

PM 19:00

Enjoy dinner

You can create more relaxing dinner time than usual with your friends and family.

PM 21:00

For comfortable and relaxed time with your friends and family….

Kids are going to bed after fun-filled day.
There is no need to feel insecure because parents can stay in a same room.
It becomes special night to feel relaxed with your partner and friends on your journey.

2nd day

AM 8:00


Waking up feeling the sunlight on your face next morning.
New scenary appears through the window.

AM 9:30

Having breakfast at neighborhoods or a room

Plan a day schedule having breakfast in your room using the ingredients you bought the day before, or take out at a nearby café.