Room concept




"Okoshiyasu" is a word unique to Kyoto that expresses the gratitude for coming to Japan from such a faraway place.
The walls are designed with famous Japanese statues and portraits in a american comic style that guests can enjoy.

Eco bag and hand towel
presents for guests who stay at 'Okoshiyasu Japan' room!!

One set of Hotel MONday
Original eco bag and hand towel
for each (adult) guest.

Please note that even if you book one night at a time, you will receive one set of gifts.

※Image are for reference only, actual item may differ. We ask for your understanding.


【Hand towel】

・Colors may fade if used while being soaked with hot water, please use with caution.

・Discoloration may occur from water and moisture.

・Please do not scrub too harshly on the printed side.

・Please avoid wet and humid place as it may cause mold to form on the fabric.

・Please handle with care to avoid accident.

・Please do not use outside its intended purpose.

・Material: Cotton 100% MADE IN JAPAN

【Eco Bag】

・This bag is not designed to carry heavy load.

・The ink part may get discolored if soaked wet or using chemicals.

・Please handle with care to avoid accident.

・Please do not use outside its intended purpose.

・Material: Cotton

Room design

We created this design as a hotel MONday original, starting off from Hamamatsu travel as the main inspiration. The design incorporates image of Mount Fuji as the famous landmark of Japan, from which a traveller heading to the east.

Appearance design.

On the left side of the bed, the word 'Okoshiyasu' (welcome) is written with Mount Fuji as background.
The Torii gate at the foot of mount Fuji expresses longing; to stir up imagination and excitement of travel.
The overall calm color scheme depicts the feeling of excitement, using gradation as means to transition to the color of the sky.
The main focus is the traveller crossing the bridge to head east. They were depicted leaving Tokyo Tower,
the symbol of modern Hamamatsucho to show that they are leaving that part of their journey to the next.
The pine trees and raging waves are meant to depict the feeling of both being inside a hotel but surrounded with outside sceneries at the same time.
The wall on the side depicts the townscape to which the traveller is heading to.
The window side depicts a scenery of far off Mount Fuji behind the rising Tokyo Tower, where the traveller is looking up to.
The Mount Fuji, billowing waves, and pine trees depicted on the table depicts a scenery to enjoy while sitting down.
Crane's depiction on the foot-throw is to give the feeling of companionship to the traveller as they are known as the bird of passage.

Bed Throw
Air Conditioner underside
Bed side

Room overview

Room size 41.97m²
Floor 10F
Capacity 4 people

Floor plan zoom


Floor plan

*Room images and floor plans are examples. The room presented may differ from the actual room.

Amenities Washing Machine and Dryer / Vacuum Cleaner / Large Refrigerator / Electric Stove / Rice Cooker / Microwave / Kitchenware / Tableware / Dinning Table / LCD TV / Air Cleaner / Free Wi-Fi / Toaster / Iron / Electric kettle / Hairdryer / Safe / Amenity / in-house clothes
Free items
Straight iron / Curling iron / Trouser press / Ironing board / Charger / Extension cord / Conversion plug / Weighing instrument (measurement for luggage) / Blanket / Desk light
Paid items
Hot plate…500yen / Pop-Up Pirate game…500yen / Bluetooth speaker…500yen / Karaoke Mic…500yen / Jenga…500yen
IH tabletop cooking heater…500yen / Baby bed…500yen / DVD player…500yen / UNO (purchase)…¥800
Return Time
the next day 12:00
Return Method
Please return to the front desk.
  • *Rooms facilities may change. Please note.
  • *The number of rental equipment is limited.
  • *A copy of your ID will be required at the time of rental.
  • *In case of loss or intentional damage, the actual cost will be charged.
  • *If you want to use the service after 12:00, you can continue to use it only if no other reservations are made by other guests. Please be sure to contact the front desk.
  • *Items marked with are lent out free of charge to those who post them on Instagram with a hashtag (#mondayapart) or post reviews on TripAdvisor.






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