The concept is 120 LDK.
Like a house.


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Items in rooms Items in rooms Toothbrush set / Cotton set / Slippers / Razors / Hairbrush / Dryer / Towel / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body shampoo
Items we loan Free rental items: Hair iron / Curl dryer / Bodyweight scale / Luggage measure / Iron (with board)/Humidifier / Adapter / Trousers presser


Facilities are full of hospitality

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast set is served. Breakfast for children is also available. (From August 1st)

    Opening time 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM (Last Order 9:00)
    Floor Seating 52
  • Meeting Room

    Meetings in Café-style can accommodate up to 25 people. There is also a projector and other facilities, so you can use it as a meeting room just right for meetings.

    Room capacity Up to 25 people
    Setting equipment: Mic, Projector, Screen (100 inch), sound system
  • Automatic check-in and check-out

    You can reduce the waiting time by easy operation, and we also support local payments. Foreign customers also can confidently use it with multi-lingual support.

  • Rental smartphone handy

    Equipped in each room. Customers could make both domestic and international calls with practically neither limitation nor extra charges. It could also be used as either Wi-Fi router or simply as your substitute smartphoneso that you can update the newest informations and enjoy your wonderful trip.

  • Free shuttle bus to Maihama Sta.

    We provide daily shuttle bus service and it takes about 20 minutes to reach Tokyo Disney Resort (Maihama Station). The last bus will depart at 16:00 so you can also enjoy it in the evening.
    Operation schedule here

  • AI translator installed at the front desk

    An AI translator that supports 92 languages ​​(as of April 2019) is installed at the front desk.

  • Rental bicycle

    Utilization time 8:00〜19:00
    Usage fee 1,100 yen (tax included)



6-8-7, Nishiksai, Edogawa Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-5605-0160
Fax : 03-5605-0161



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QCan I make a reservation on the day?
AReservations can be made by phone or the Internet.
Since reservations may already be full on the day, please make a reservation after confirming the availability of the day on the telephone or the Internet in advance.
QWhen is check-in or check-out time?
ACheck-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00. However, there may be times when different times are set for the accommodation packages planned by the hotel.
QWill I arrive before check-in, can I leave only my luggage?
APossible. Please feel free to contact our staff.
QHow late can I check in?
AThere is a 24H staff at the front desk, so you can be late. Since the entrance is locked for security after 24:00, please sound the intercom next to the entrance (outside).
Also, please be sure to contact us if your estimated check-in time is too long.
QCan I extend the checkout time?
AExtension is available every 2 hours at the following additional cost.
-Until 12:00: 25% of the accommodation fee
-Until 14:00: 50% of the accommodation fee
After 14:00, it will be 100%.
QIs there a cancellation fee?
ACancellation fees for reservations made by telephone or official website are as follows.
On the day: 100% of the accommodation fee
The day before: 50% of the accommodation fee
* A separate cancellation policy may be set for each accommodation plan and each day, depending on the travel company you book.
Please be sure to check the cancellation policy on the plan details page (next to the vacant calendar etc.) and the [Reservation procedure screen (reservation step)].
QCan I stay in groups such as employee trips?
AWe accept group reservations.
Please contact us by inquiry.
QIs it possible to stay only for minors?
A A parental consent form is required for minors (16 years old or older and under 20 years old) to stay.
Click here to download the consent form.
Please send it by mail, fax or email in advance, or submit it at check-in.
Address: 1-2-11 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0062
QCan I use a credit card?
AVISA / MASTER / JCB / AMEX is available.
Debit cards and UnionPay cards are also accepted.
QCan I use electronic money?
Ananaco / Suica / PASMO / QUICPay / Edy / WAON / ICOCA / iD are available.
Alipay will be introduced in the future.


QAre there non-smoking rooms / smoking rooms?
AAll rooms are non-smoking rooms.
There is a smoking space on the first floor (outdoor).
QIs there Wi-Fi?
AFree Wi-Fi is available. We will inform you of your password at check-in. You can also use the handy that comes with your room as a Wi-Fi router.
QWhat are the amenities?
ABath towels, face towels, cotton sets, toothbrushes, hair brushes, shaving cream, razors and slippers are provided in the guest rooms. We also have on-site clothes (types separated into upper and lower parts).
QWhat are the rental equipment?/dt>
AWe have a variety of hair irons (curls and straights), curling dryers, irons, ironing boards, trouser presses, humidifiers, chargers, luggage measurements, wine openers, and lightning cables. Please feel free to tell us.
QAre there extra beds?
AThere is no extra bed available.

Customers with children

QCan children and babies stay here?
AYou can stay. Please come with your family.
Rates for children are as follows.
・ 13 years old or older: Adult
・ 12 years old and younger: Free

* Beds will be charged for adults regardless of age.
* Amenities / slippers / towels / clothes are not available for children using existing beds.

In addition, the room capacity for children with existing beds is determined as follows.
・ Standard Double / Standard Twin / Deluxe Twin: Up to 3 people
・ Standard Triple / Deluxe Triple / Corner Triple: Up to 4 people
Please note that we cannot accept reservations for more than capacity.
QDo you have a crib?
ANo baby cot available. Please understand.
QDo you have a crib?
QIs there a nursing room?
AThere is no nursing room available. However, a changing table is available in the toilet on the 1st floor.
QAre there any children's amenities and rental equipment?
AThere are no special amenities or rental equipment for children.
QI am staying with my bed. Are there any amenities?
AIn the case of using existing bed, amenity / slippers / towels / clothing are not available.


QDo you have a coin laundry?
AThree fully automatic washing and drying machines are available. Standard washing + drying (3㎏) is ¥ 500 for 130 minutes, small amount (1.5㎏) is ¥ 400 for 100 minutes, and other functions are also available.
QIs there a parking lot?
AReservations are required and can be used during your stay at ¥2,000(tax included) per car per night
In addition, there is a limit on the size of the car because it is a multilevel parking lot. Click here to see the size that can be stored in the parking lot.
QIs there a place where I can have a meeting?
AIt is possible to use the breakfast venue as a meeting room. Please contact us for details.
QIs there a place where I can use a computer or print materials?
ANo. If you need to print materials, please print them at a convenience store near you. There is Lawson on the left after leaving the hotel back door.
QCan I exchange currency at the hotel?
AAn automatic currency exchange machine is available on the 1st floor of the front desk.


QHow much is breakfast?
ABreakfast will be charged as follows.
Adult: 1,800 yen / Elementary school student (6-12 years old): 900 yen / Infant (3-5 years old): 400 yen / Under 3 years old: Free
* Tax is included.
QCan I apply for breakfast locally?
AIt is possible to apply locally. You can pay directly at the restaurant.


QPlease tell me how to get to Tokyo Disney Resort
AReservations are required, but a shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort (Maihama Station) is available.
Please check the following for operating hours.
7: 00〜 / 8: 00〜 / 9: 00〜 / 10: 00〜 / 15: 00〜 / 16: 00〜
* Reservations are required, so please make a reservation in advance with the hotel reception.
* Schedule may be changed without notice or delays due to traffic conditions.
* Please check your luggage before boarding so that you do not forget to load it.
* Return shuttle bus service is not available. Please use public transportation

Other services

QCan I send my luggage from the hotel?
AYou can send it. Yamato cash on delivery slips are available.
QCan I send my luggage to the hotel by home delivery service?
APlease specify the arrival date (reception date) from the day before check-in and send it in advance.
In addition, please include the date of check-in and the name of the reservation in the remarks column of the shipping slip.