6-8-7, Nishiksai, Edogawa Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-5605-0160
Fax : 03-5605-0161

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The way to the hotel

Access from Airport

Haneda Airport
  • →Keisei bus (about 21min)→Kasai Sta→Tozai line (about 1min) Nishikasai Sta→Walk (about 1min)→Hotel
Narita Airport
  • →Keisei bus (about 65min)→Kasai Sta→Tozai line (about 1min) Nishikasai Sta→Walk (about 1min)→Hotel

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Access by Train

Tokyo Stations
  • →Marunouchi line, Tozai line (change at Otemachi Sta) (about 22min)→ Nishikasai Sta→Walk (about 1min)→Hotel
Shinjuku Stations
  • →Toei Shinjuku line, Tozai line (change at Kudanshita Sta (about 30min)→ Nishikasai Sta→Walk (about 1min)→Hotel
Shibuya Stations
  • →Ginza line, Tozai line (change at Nihombashi Sta) (about 35min)→ Nishikasai Sta→Walk (about 1min)→Hotel

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Access by Car

Shuto Expressway Seishincho Entrance
  • → 1km (about 4 Min) → hotel

Parking Information

¥2,000(tax included)/night (Reservation Required)
The defined size of the car will be on the right. (Number of parking spaces: 6 cars)
Please confirm before making a reservation.

Eligible Automobile
Total length(mm) : 5300         
Total width(mm) : 1900
Height (mm)[B2F,B1F,1F] : 1550  
Weight(kg)  : 2300

Group bus parking information

Please note that our hotel does not have parking space for group bus.
If you are coming by bus, please attach to the street on the south side of the hotel to get on/off.
The road has two lanes, but please kindly attach to the hotel side (In the map below)
Long-term getting on/off is a hindrance to the traffic of other vehicles, so please refrain from it. If you have a reservation for parking, please come to the front door of the hotel.

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Shuttle bus information

Hotel →Tokyo Disney Resort Mahama Sta
Reservation is required
Operate everyday
7:00 8:00 9:00
10:00 15:00 16:00

Closed for the time being
※Reservation for shuttle bus to Maihama Sta must be made in advance at Front desk.
※Please understand that there may be delay or schedule change without any notice due to traffic situation.
※Please make sure to check your luggage again so not to forget any thing before getting on/off the bus.

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