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ICI HOTEL Tokyo Hatchobori

July 2020 OPEN

Measures against the propagation of new Corona Virus

"Liberation of the mind with the energy of water"

The "Water path" concept.
It is said that the origin of the place name (Haccho) is from the Edo period's waterway spanning 8 chome (873 meters) was created to pass ships for transporting goods. Since there used to be a waterway, we built a new ICI Hotel that imbued a space where you can feel the water. The water space also has the power to captivate us, release our minds, and give us energy. It gives us humans unexpected power.

CONCEPT : Relaxing space for you.

ACCESS:Close to Tokyo Station

It takes about 1 minute by train from" Hatchobori "Station on the JR Keiyo Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Tokyo Station.
For sightseeing in Tokyo, please use ICI HOTEL Tokyo Hatchobori, a business hotel with good access.

  • About 1 minute walk (about 80m) from Exit B2 of Hatchobori Station on the JR Keiyo Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

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Original Open Sandwich Buffet


Starts April 2nd

Breakfast of freshly baked bread that can be arranged
with toppings to your likings, served with organic salad.

Buffet of open sandwich using delicious bread made with local flour and customized with toppings of your choice.
You can choose your favorite topping to make your own delicious sandwich. We uses bread that is Halal certified, of course Vegetarian and Vegan-practicing guests can also enjoy our open sandwich breakfast! Our hotel`s recommended topping is our Seafood Curry that uses 20 different spices, and also various fruits and drink. Guest can bring the food back to enjoy in theri room. It is possible to eat in the restaurant, but the space is very limited, so we ask for your understanding.
Please enjoy our delicious yet convenient breakfast!

Price [Free Campaign until the end of May]
1,000 yen
0-5 years old: Free
Opening time 6:30~9:30L.O

About Hotel

We are particular about materials that are kind to the body and nature, such as eco-certified duvet, towels and pajamas that have cleared world-class hygiene standards. The hotel, which has the image of a water space, allows guests to spend a wonderful time.

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ICI HOTEL Tokyo Hatchobori


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