What we present is the comfort of Japan

It is not a Japanese-looking style.
It is not an emphasis on Japanese culture.

hotel MONday - The comfort fostered by the Japanese spirit.
In Japan you feel it inside your body.
The hotel is designed to deliver it.

The concept is 260 LDK.
Like a house.
The living and dining space where you can relax and chat. The bedrooms to sleep well.

Once you go through the gate, there is Japan


A truly comfortable room.
How should it be?

It does not have to be spectacular.
Would be boring if it is too simple.
Usability is important.
But we cannot give up a little fancy feeling.

We ended up with the minimal room where your mind can float.

Excellent beds inside.
Wishing you another good dream tonight.


When you relax alone, you feel comfortable.
When you talk with friends, you get excited.
Such living space is the best.

Good to work there.
Good to relax.
Good to drink with friends.

Nice living space.
It gives colors to your casual time.

Better go out to have a feast.

When you eat at home, relax. Eat what you want to eat.
You do not have to care about the others. Just smile.
Nothing special.

Casual foods Japanese people love.
They say, "This is the one".

Let's be in high spirits as usual.

Twin 242 rooms (17 to 20 m²) / Semi-double 20 rooms (16 m²) / Universal 1 room (32 m²)
Spa facilities / handy (free mobile communication device) available in all rooms


hotel MONday Toyosu
1-2-10 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo

From Toyosu St. to: ·hotel MONday on foot 800m·Toyosu Market by Yurikamome Train 3min·Tukishima by Underground 2min.
·Tsukiji Market by Underground 4m1n. from Tsukishima·Shinkansen Line Tokyo St. by Underground 10min.
·Maihama St (Tokyo Disneyland) by Underground 15min.
·Haneda Airport by Airport Limousine Bus 20min.
From Toyosu Pier to:·Asakusa by Waterbus 40min. From Shinonome Crossing Bus Stop in front of hotel MONday
·Frequent Toei buses bound for Tokyo St .. Odaiba, Tokyo Sky Tree etc.
From Shinonome AEON Bus Stop in front of hotel MONday
·Limousine Bus service to Narita Airport hotel MONday's shuttle bus service to major destinations (free) will be operated
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