Brand Concept

We aim to create a comfortable feeling of Japan's hospitality

What makes a hotel comfortable?
We utilize everything in order to create a hotel that one would use as if
it's part of their everyday life with Japanese 'hospitality' that people loves.
We will be waiting for you with all the hospitality we could present.

hotel MONday

A Hotel where you could feel Japan

What we aim to create is the comfort of Japanese living, where you could just chat and spend time idly as if in your own home.
We spare no effort in creating such casual atmosphere for the best experience.

We provide room suited for group or family,

mainly focused for group consisted of 3-4 people,
with connecting-room option also available

We also have staffs each with various background such as Chinese, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam who are ready to correspond to your request and make any foreign visitor visiting Japan feels right at home.


A comfortable bedroom.

What makes a comfortable room?
It would be too dull to put empasis on extravagance and quality alone.
Instead, we focus on the stylishness and ease of use.
We finally found it as we condiser a lot of things; a comfortable,
compact room that would sure brings you a very nice dream tonight.

Each room is equipped with a portable device called 'Handy'. Customers could make both domestic and international calls with practically neither limitation nor extra charges. Moreover, it could also be used as either Wi-Fi router or simply as your substitute smartphone to further boost your sightseeing experience during your stay.

Dining & Kitchen

Buffet where you could enjoy Japan.

If you want lavish experience of dining, there are plenty of options outside of the hotel.
But we provide real food where you could be honest with
what you want to eat and enjoying it without care of what other people might think.
Let's start this day with cheer and happy stomach.

A Breakfast where you could enjoy Japanese gourmet

Whether it's porcelainware, stoneware, and other types of pottery, you enjoy the food with tablewares of your choosing. Please enjoy various with over 60 types of ingredients served at our hotel to your liking.

To let our valued customers fom various countries enjoying our food, we prepared over 50 types of spices and condiments that you could add to your own food to create your own taste and enjoy it wholeheartedly


Facilities to further complete you day.

A living room where you could spend time alone,
or Meeting Room where you could initiate various activities.
And then, there's also comfortable public bath.
We will be waiting for you with all the hospitality we could present.


A perfect location for either sightseeing or business.

We provide shuttle bus to the nearest station and to Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • Shuttle bus to the nearest station and Tokyo Disney Resort.

    ※Please check each Hotel's official homepage for schedule.

  • A perfect location for business, sightseeing, as well shopping.

    Each could be accessed easily with trains and buses.


hotel MONday Apartment

An Apart Hotel to 'live', not to 'stay'.

What we want to create is not a place to stay, but rather, Apartment Hotel to 'live in'.
Hotel MONday Apartment is a facility provided for long-term staying guests.
We hope for the guests to be able to create precious memories in their time using our Apartment Hotel.

  • 24/7 Front Desk

    Our Front staff is ready whenever you need them, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in either Japanese, English, and even Chinese language.

  • Perfect Security and Countermeasure.

    Elevators and Guest rooms in the facility are certified by PIN code at check-in. As security measures are perfect, you can use it with confidence.

  • Completely furnished guest rooms.

    Each room is equipped with washing machine and cooking utensils. There's also sofa-bed and bunk bed that you could customize to create various possible scenes.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    We provide Free Wi-Fi in the entire building.

Design concept is 1GDK.

G is gathering room. The time that family usually spends at home and spends on the trip are different. You come on a travel with your family, and you want to spend as much time in the same space as possible, talk more than usual, enjoy to have special moments together.

In-room facilities
Facilities such as IH kitchens, microwaveovens, rice cookers, washing machine with dryer and a vacuum cleaner are equipped in the room so that you can live like home right after arrival.


Relax peacefully with a large space.

From limitted space into large space.
At hotel MONday Apartment, we provide the original bunk bed.
The lower part is sofa bed so that you can use it as a sofa in daytime, and as a bed at bedtime.


At Bedtime

We provide MONday original bunk bed.
The lower part is sofa bed so that you can use it as a sofa in daytime, and as a bed at bedtime.


Facilities for long-term stays

If you stay for a long time, you'd rather have your meals and laundry at home than outside.
We provide facilities for long-term stays to "live" as if you were at your own home.

  • Washing machine with dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Large Refrigerator
  • Electric Stove
  • Rice Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Kitchenware
  • Tableware
  • Dinning Table
  • LCD TV
  • Air Cleaner
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Toaster
  • Iron
  • Electric kettle
  • Hairdryer
  • Safety box
  • Amenity

Amenities included hair irons (curl/straight), trouser presser, humidifiers, chargers, luggage measure, wine openers and lightning cables.


A good location for both sightseeing and business

There are many supermarkets and convenience stores around.
Convenient for the procurement of food products.

  • Convenient for shopping in the area.

    There is a supermarket nearby which provide many kinds of food.

  • Convenient location for business, sightseeing and shoppin

    You can easily access to many places by train or bus.